Where it all began

I would like to personally welcome you to MyTewGirlsBoutique. My name is Melissa and I am the owner and founder of the company. It has been a long time dream and goal of mine to share my love and passion for accessories and fashion with others. I believe in the uniqueness of ones personality, and in a world that ask us to blend in with others we must find ways in which to let our personality shine apart from one another. What has always set me apart from others is my creative nature, I love the creation process and thought process that goes into making something beautiful come to life. My creative outlets are wreath making, gardening,flower arrangements and fashion.


What does your style say about you? Are you trendy and ever changing with the times? Are you more traditional and classy with elegant pieces, or are you a little adventurous and daring with non traditional and wild pieces? At MyTewGirls we offer something for every style. Why; you may ask, because that's what makes us different, beautiful and unique. As my customer you can guarantee with a purchase from our boutique that not only will you not easily be duplicated by others but they'll be lining up to ask where they, can get a little personality.

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